Branching Anagram Generator

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Select algorithm:


Enter your keywords separated by commas (,), semicolons (;) and/or line breaks and let the app do the magic.
If you are not happy with the result, click the generate button again. If the algorithm allows it, a new result will be created.

Accents to preserve: Any accented characters you enter in this box won't be converted and will be treated as a different letter. Normally characters like é or è will be converted to e.

Method Selection: Optimized will create a progressive anagram where the depth is as much as possible limited to 1 level. It will always used the most frequent letter in your words first.
Randomized uses a different algorithm and the results may sometimes be a bit crazy but it may also create a very useful anagram for you.
My advice: try both of them a couple of times.


I have no idea where the P.A. originates, if you do, let me know and I will update the credits.

Another great online Progressive Anagram Generator was written by Maxime Helier and can be found here.
This app even allows for some testing. But it always creates the same result. My results are random.

The first generator I used came from The Undergound Collective in 2003 and was called Panagram. You can still find it here.

Be sure to give this page on the Jerx a visit. Andy as always, shares some great ideas.